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Sanya Haiyun Resort (Ocean Sonic Resort Sanya), Das Hotel befindet sich am unabhängigen Strand im Zentrum von Sanya Bay, in der Nähe des Flughafens Sanya Phoenix, Stadtgebiet und Kugelbahnhof.

Hotels im Resort-Stil in Südostasien sehen aus wie zwei Luxus-Kreuzfahrten. Das dreidimensionale Lüftungs-Design ermöglicht es Ihnen, die Meeresbrise zu fühlen, ohne die Tür zu verlassen.

das Gästezimmer hat einen weiten Blick, eine weiche Couch, natürliche Bambus und Holzdekoration, und eine private Terrasse Badewanne. Sie können die schöne Meerblick während des Badens genießen und Ihren persönlichen Platz genießen, indem Sie den Bambusvorhang herunterziehen.

yunhexuan, Bali-Stil, Haiyun Bar und private Partys in der Luft bieten chinesische und westliche Nahrung mit Eigenschaften, so dass Sie alle Arten von tropischen Lebensmitteln genießen können.

verpasst niemals den Fischer's Wharf Seafood Buffet hotpot BBQ (Abendessen). Es ist auch sehr gut, die philippinische Band zu hören, die nach dem Abendessen am Strandstuhl neben dem Schwimmbad singt.

Nach einem köstlichen Frühstücksbuffet können Sie Ihr Kind mit Wasser und Sand am 350 Meter Strand durch die Unterführung spielen oder einen Spaziergang im tropischen Garten machen.

gibt es Wasserrutschen- und Wasserunterhaltungsmöglichkeiten im großen Außenpool, der in drei Temperaturpools unterteilt is t: niedrig, mittel und hoch. Es ist für alle Altersgruppen geeignet, so dass Sie sich keine Sorgen um Erkältung machen müssen.

das neu aufgerüstete Kinderparadies ist das Paradies für Kleinkinder; das echte CS Forest Castle im hinteren Garten und die wunderbare Stimulation des Kletterns und Gleitseils sind noch interessanter.

Spa-Center, ein-zu-einem Butler-Service und 800 Quadratmeter des küstennahen Konferenzraums können alle Ihre Bedürfnisse erfüllen.
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  • e02782982
    Hotel location is very good, at the end of coconut dream Gallery, across the street is the beach at the entrance, you can rent a hotel 40 block bike ride in bike lanes until haiyue square!
  • cindy916
    Service, breakfast was heard early Monday morning to catch a plane specially packaged, impressed, nice trip experience
  • dongmeiw
    And we think it's great
  • gongsifa
    Hotel nice breakfast with a large population.
  • AILEEN phantom phantom
    Nice, which is also great, very close to the sea, renting a car is very convenient
  • luguoyan
    Is still quite nice hotel, ~~ in South-East Asia style, themes in person, are very good, the best also has a dedicated tunnel through the seaside. If fees are to say shortcomings, facility slightly old, beach cleanliness and sanitation management slightly worse, but his flaws, overall is excellent, next time you will go to, then is a family of four.
  • celestal
    Room so-so, and the cafeteria watching the sunset and listening to the songs of the sea on the beach is great, food is! lol
  • Alan1982
    Good, convenient amenities are good, is the high price, suitable for business travel
  • dingyanan1013
    Hotel facilities very good, service very good, I fixed in a family room, a family of three living is easy, the only regret is that the kitchen is not available, if you can cook better, next time travel also consider staying at Hotel Rhine.
  • baiyi7887
    It's not bad!
  • fei8888
    As well, next time you come to live here, comfortable and quiet, good place to relax
  • marcy
    Hotel away from airport is near, but out shopping dinner are to go a road, noon roadside is Sun, as long as can accept price can select Hotel dinner, room air conditioning voice is big, special noisy, open to minimum also like blower as, aisle often ring like tinnitus as of voice, is harsh, service personnel attitude is good, is enthusiasm, but cannot make up hotel facilities of insufficient, rushed water toilet voice also is big, burn Kettle sometimes not automatically power, room switch some down someUp, often see not out which open with, which shut with, to try, and bed no total switch, to a a to shut, is not convenient, bathtub in outdoor balcony Shang, no block real, passers-by glance, no private sex can statements, swimming water not clean, son tour has once, was red rash, to check said is acute urticaria, does not necessarily is swimming caused of, but son two times red rash outbreak, once is in swimming yihou, once is in Hotel bathtub bath yihou, said andWater has nothing to do at the hotel, I do not believe we lived several places in Sanya, swimming is not the first time, but only after the rash, as booked three days in advance, House was paid for in advance, just bite the bullet and stayed, son of serious rash, have to nest in the room for three days, will certainly not be selected here
  • cancancan
    Environmental services are satisfied
  • blesswj
    Pullman family, no room temporary haiyun, other can endure, breakfast is really sick trough 10,000 years! a group of tourists didn't eat breakfast with the same, and management staff, sneaking in for dinner the waiter can't see, tableware not plate without health, Word will never be!
  • mayuyurena
    Have to say that Sanya Bay, the hotel's highest! didn't last well but this time staying at breakfast! might account for more people!
  • baby-jae
    Relatively near the airport hotel, about six kilometers. service of the hotel, good good, free upgrade to Deluxe sea. buffet breakfast variety, delicious, mainly to 11 points, lie in there early ... only downside is eat less convenient, to the urban areas there is still some way.
  • Adminitor
    Sea Melody hotel did not disappoint our family, the hotel staff were very polite, even if it is a sanitary inspector, was asked what he needed to see us, we feel warm at home. Finally strongly recommended 90-square-metre suite, room is big enough, and everyone?!
  • telouyi
    The hotel's services, environment, facilities were great. vacation here does not need to go elsewhere, very thoughtful of hotels, particularly rich buffet breakfast variety, is the best breakfast I had in the country with, next time will choose to stay in Sanya.
  • cacti20030101
    Not bad
  • booma
    Both times to live here, you can also
  • bbc132
    Nice hotel in all aspects are in place, especially for children, book in advance as if there are concessions, service personnel are very enthusiastic, very nice but a little expensive or it will stay ...
  • Boyted
    Staying in the hotel was happy the day of arrival, entered the Hall Porter to help with baggage. desks are particularly good, the Li Manager was very helpful Concierge, offering to help solve the problem, it's wicked
  • e01243135
    All are pretty good, close to airport, transportation is very convenient in front, near the beach. the staff are very friendly.
  • yelody
    Hotel is elegantly simple, staff were very willing to help you, hotel is in Sanya Bay, the landscape is great! highly recommended!
  • dawnlxf
    Hotel live very happy with car Concierge to help with the luggage, a passionate and active, many times, the service is still good, breakfast variety, check out good Miss Tang Li Ying, sent gifts, praise
  • FeIcAo1983
    Hotel was very nice, a child who likes, especially liked the hotel's children's playground, children's Park is beautiful, good special hotel services, Cen Mei at the front desk, initiative, active communication with guests, understand customer needs and stay like it, next time will come!
  • Anita7600
    The hotel on the whole good, hotel is in South-East Asia style, room facilities good breakfast very satisfying. pool water is not very clean, lots of bugs. rooms smell a bit unpleasant, unstable wireless network frequently dropped.
  • amandagang
    Environment is very good, breakfast is rich. service attitude
  • jaguar999
    Live have very satisfaction, to Hainan play has good days, feel very good, this hotel environment very good, lobby of service quite of good, a sat down on has waiter took local of Partridge tea to tasting, front desk of waiter also quite enthusiasm, to I handle check out of yellow Miss service very good, very enthusiasm, breakfast also very good, hotel also has underground channel to beach, very convenient, to urban also very convenient,
  • e00002552
    Hotel very clean, staff very polite, much better than hotels in Yalong Bay.
  • annecjm123
    Every stay at the hotel, good very good
  • davidoff
    Good hotel good environment to live in comfortable Li Qiuhong very patiently at the front desk, kids like her, next time you come to Sanya will also choose to chat.
  • Ar.Bo
    Higher rated hotel in Sanya Bay, convenient parking facilities. access to the beach, very convenient.
  • ss2058
    Go play with his mother, staying here is great, a very good environment and service attitude is good, love it!
  • finitewu
    You can see the ocean, good mood
  • stella_0825
    Hotel service was very good, breakfast variety, room was clean and had not gone Miss
  • E00932178
    The overall feel better, indeed!
  • e00852262
    Cheap hotel, good service, kids and parents were happy happy.
  • AWW989
    Very good hotel in convenient location opposite the beach
  • E03748523
    Nice hotel, breakfast was good
  • cyy0511
    Environment is very good, right on the beach, we all had a very happy
  • lena1006
    Evaluation late sorry! but does not affect my impact on the hotel. configuration of five-star and five-star service, private beach, large swimming pool, ideal location, area and upgraded oversize suites, very satisfying!
  • Ansela
    Environment can be, go to the beach!
  • baobao55
    Go to the beach you want to cross the street, but there are underground passages, and safer. beaches can. Hotel eating prices are acceptable, not too wide of the mark. but not barbecue flavor.
  • songliu422
    Live well, in particular, lobby services, although many guests, but the waiters were very friendly, and help check out Miss Xia Wenliu speed recommended occupancy. renewed 1, hotel services are particularly good, also gave small gifts
  • Moondance
    Had a good time staying in the hotel, family fun, kids liked the hotel's children's playground, children's Park is beautiful, Blue design, giving a very cheerful mood that he picked the right hotel, rich Southeast Asian style, welcoming staff, front desk girl Xiao CEN service very good, good service, thank you! had come again
  • liweicitic
    Very satisfied with the chat service from arrival to leaving, was very friendly, my Deluxe ultra comfortable, the breakfast buffet selection very much, next time will choose chat.
  • syy524
    Like here, by the sea, the environment is good, delicious seafood hot pot.
  • lvxy2000
    National during travel, select has relative economic affordable of Sanya Bay Sea rhyme, sea rhyme of service and facilities are is good, swimming pool clean and has children of slide, is for with children, Sanya Bay of beach and seawater than Yalong Bay, but WINS in people less quiet, out hotel door right turned again right turned walk more than 10 minutes has a rose rose supermarket, can meet daily needs, ointment is around dinner of place not more, hotel catering price than high, general satisfaction, next time can again to.
  • amw119
    Resort Hotel, first-class service. each waiter smiling, front desk, Concierge, restaurant each waiter has answered, and patience ... makes people comfortable, for a room in the Middle, gave free upgrade special comfort ... Nice ... next time.