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The Ocean Sonic Resort Sanya (Sanya Haiyun Dujiajiudian) stands before the silver-white sands of the hotel's private beach.his Sanya hotel is built to look like two passenger liners. Each room features Southeast Asian style interior décor,  a super large sea-view terrace and bamboo furnishing. Guests can breathe in the ocean breeze and soak in the bathtub on the balcony for the utmost in indulgence and relaxation[View Detail]

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  • yin_cindy
    First service attitude no said, but on personal for, didn't wants to had spent has money will Dang uncle. so met smile regards these does not important. compared value of bed of comfortable degrees, room health situation are is General. Center swimming pool of water slightly mixed, also has strong of disinfectant service, breakfast varieties many taste General, legend in the restaurant of urine Sao taste really of exists, is typing of when and enjoy to restaurant waiter once enthusiasm of service, not bear ruined they of efforts scoring allChange five minutes. but it is a reminder to the pursuit of comfort and quality of friends hardware not too high expectations of the hotel.
  • Stupid Man
    Hotel staff particularly helpful, the hotel facilities are very good, next time will choose to move
  • gaoluoluo070307
    Service is very good, great location recommended. due to showers on the Beach far away from the entrance, walk will also bring a lot of sand, recommended in the underground passage exit or setting one foot pool near the hotel entrance, that dirty hotel!
  • greatfun
    Was feel is Rod, hotel service first-class, about car on has Concierge Department received luggage, took cart, help we sent to hotel room. set of Park King, front desk help we upgrade to a room a Office, 12 o'clock on to hotel, immediately arrangements room, not like other hotel to until two o'clock in the afternoon, room environment also super rod. but next various not smooth on to has, out play, back hotel room leaking, whole living room are is water, help we for has a room, hotel waiter said worried we slidingPour, put luggage help sent back for of room, safe inside a wallet forget took has, hotel personnel also didn't found, this wallet is alternate of has been also didn't wants to up, check out zhihou only found, playing hotel phone was said rounds of when no saw, good thousands of block does, mood bad through has! although I himself negative main responsibility, but is was room leaking lane Halo has, waiter said help I put left of things help I took came, was no found wallet also is not carefully, totalWill ever live chat because the damned thing estimation.
  • ddlinlin
    Very happy with stay, each staff member at the hotel service was very friendly and greet each time, especially the front desk and concierge services are very good, especially yellow poem little Miss attitude at the front desk are very friendly, check out very quickly, next time will come again
  • Mina beibei
    Good clean comfortable
  • jinteng
    Hotel environment is particularly good, into the lobby, I fell here, service is nothing to say, everyone is grinning face and the special initiative, Tang Li Ying at the front desk when you check out escort service particularly well, ask our in-house experience and gave gifts to children, very happy
  • rain623
    First time staying at the Rhine hotel, really good, reception staff were very good, very happy, this is my mom and dad here for a holiday, the elderly feel very happy, said that the next time you take to Sanya, also is staying at sea.
  • baba0216
    Location good buffet hot pot seafood restaurant outside of the room through the night ROAR
  • aunuroa
    All in all this hotel location is also good, service very friendly
    Very comfortable
  • e02507909
    Hotel Nice is close to the city, nice, but a bit noisy, possibly because of too many people, eating breakfast where the layout needs to be improved, people have been more, winding, and dizzy. other is still very good.
  • Elsa616
    In the five-star luxury hotel in Sanya, is good value for money, whether health is good service and comfortable, love it.
  • liutao99421
    Hotel feel is good of, to has first days put big bed room upgrade into has suite, each room of outdoor bathtub are has baby play of small duck, baby very happy, Hou three days staying has luxury seaview of three room a Office, select has a price full package, if home child compared more, recommended using a price full package, without out running dinner, daily can side dining side appreciate seaview, feel good. Special recommended fisherman's terminal, seafood fresh, barbecue delicious, eat to support. recommends children paradise canAdd baby to play at the facilities overall very satisfied with service very good, next time will come again. not satisfied with only a little, three-bedroom only 2 bathrooms, guest bathroom is too small, others are quite good.
  • anitanyy
    Really nice, warm luggage at the front desk to your room, but today there is no twin room only room tomorrow, balcony bath is very good, watching the sea hot tub, it's a great feeling
  • AileenJiang
    Two plus one family room, ideal for families. breakfast variety, are children's table?.
  • lovet1
    Hotel facilities were very good, service was good, that is, too many people, checkin was a little slow. geographical location is also very good, just around something to eat less
  • bonnieblue
    Great trust next time I go to live here
  • xielei0710
    Duplex really big children like bath room, service was excellent, next time will choose Rhine. Yellow Lady at the front desk service good
  • dave0917
    Good hotel, good service, South-East Asia style, Miss Nan Chen at the front desk service, next to
  • e00178159
    Very good hotel, close to 6 km from the airport, traffic convenient, very much ~
  • luoyaoping
    Staying in the hotel was satisfactory, because the check out time is tight, Yan beauty express check out for me at the front desk, very happy
  • lwa15588792
    Although earlier lived in the Yalong Bay, the Ritz-Carlton, intercontinental and Bay days than not, but cheaper by more than half. overall satisfaction
  • Gentleliu
    Have to say, good service, good location, good facilities, consumption is not high, the free upgrade room types, very satisfied, but too few buses between city and airport ... Next time I stay here in Sanya.
  • ronney
    With everyone as selected has long decided live this, because with children didn't want to for place so live has ten days, other are OK, is breakfast sample number less not said, almost daily are as didn't variable had, children meal is daily are sample, has never didn't variable had, eat to Hou days we has not eat breakfast has, really is enough has, meal food of reasons, led to to East back in Sanya sat aircraft we no again live this, live in away from this not far of Sheraton Deng, although Sheraton Deng breakfast also not how, also didn't seaRhyme of good, but we didn't eat had, also can eat breakfast, self seafood pot we because rain to eat has once, think convenient without out hotel, feel General, next has several hotel do of is good of also cheap so recommends can out eat, out hotel door left see junction in left on see has, is near of. met rain Hotel boss also sent back hotel. sea rhyme except meal other are is good, most satisfaction service, are is enthusiasm, with children tour is for, price also is is highThe
  • yuan0724
    Which is very nice
  • lindan
    Hotel is good, set of is Park King room, is regrets no met Shang upgrade, floors low in 2 floor, following has a fisherman's Terminal restaurant somewhat noisy, other are is good, breakfast also can, service is good, especially lobby service, is human, being of, check out of small girl Xia Wenliu is kind, is enthusiastic introduced to duty-free shop of route. hotel also has Sentinel of free sent machine of shuttle, is good, is satisfaction. has handle Hotel members, next also to live
  • abtme
    Hotel away from airport and urban very near very of convenient, friends to introduced of hotel, with elderly child to special of convenient, out is Beach, although sea of quality bad, but hotel of environment absolute not cover of, service also special of good, into hotel has India of small brother to open door, also has luggage health help took luggage, handle staying of small girl Li Qiuhong has been are surface with smile, for do just staying hotel for hotel of around not is understand, on asked has many of problem are notDon't think we are boring, others next time friends come to Sanya will recommend they come here.
  • mimamimami
    Very good hotel, very suitable for families traveling to live, room was very clean and warm. little girl at the front desk service was good.
  • aifeng
    Very nice hotel, the environment, services were good; go to the beach very convenient, in particular whether it's at the front desk check in or check out the little sisters are special dispatch, Tang Li Ying, was more impressed by the waiter, there is a Concierge service called Ning, particular passion
  • fannaf
    Four star service, super star's meals price
  • m02102825
    Hotel of all feel are also can room in of equipment somewhat old but doesn't matter, hotel of environment is good Southeast Asia of style, away from downtown and attractions are super convenient, out on has bus and taxi, hotel of service personnel of quality are special high see you everyone are enthusiasm of greeted, in handle staying Shi of small sister are are is enthusiasm of asked we of wants to what of location of room in sent we back room of luggage member Lin Mingxiao along the to we explained hotel of dining toAnd equipment and surrounding attractions, the explanation is very detailed, the experience really good again.
  • cp68cp
    Facilities and some old, after all, for years!
  • CyberD
    Sanya live chat on here before this is a family of six lives in three rooms and a hall room baby 16 months when special guests at the front desk to arrange a small baby bed per day staff to clean sent before departure station of the telephone booking service thanks Rhine hotel we happy few days spent in Sanya
  • e00053498
    First times to family travel, select Sanya, tangled has is long, select has Sanya Bay, hotel online see has and see, select has sea rhyme hotel, results really of let I compared satisfaction! first is hotel of environment is good, full is green, spacious comfortable; second is service, from staying to check out, are is is friendly is enthusiasm of service; I set of two room a Office of Seaview room, eyeful of Seaview, is comfortable, also distribution has children of wash supplies, slippers, is intimate, kitchen has refrigerator, YangTaiwan of big bathtub really of enough big, I buy of one-time bathtub film useless Shang does, hotel of breakfast good of, eat of is full, on child and stomach small of people noon should eat down too more has; children is like, swimming, dug sand, children paradise are let he happy; hotel opposite is Beach, Dad zhiqian to had Yalong Bay, said is than Yalong Bay of beach almost, but for love Yu dug sand of children nothing big effect, people also not many; if has what insufficient I think is fromAway from airport near, check out taxi to airport almost not willing to to, last added has points money driver to has, certainly hotel has bus, just to ahead of advisory Xia time, and left of time can tie good only line! hotel around has a rose rose supermarket, not far, basic supplies food fruit are can can buy to, walk 15 minutes around, supermarket around has many restaurant, KFC also has, I think casually eat points also is can accept of; first market I not recommended everyone to, mess mess of, is a CAI Shi, Is a food stall next processing shop, eat for the first day, rather then good nearby restaurant! Sanya next time will come again, it is suitable for family vacation to relax, if Sanya Bay will go to sea!
  • Anewed
    Which is very nice
  • ada967
    Staying!............. ...
    First times staying sea rhyme set of is 3 between Park King room, didn't thought to has Hotel zhihou hotel to we free upgrade to Seaview room, is happy but also is regrets because only live has day, early know Hotel so good on in side more live days has, hotel away from airport urban are special convenient, out on has bus taxi, hotel of breakfast is rich, employees of service also special rod, front desk of small girl Li Qiuhong in check out of when special fast of help I do finished procedures, next to Sanya of ShiHou must be in chat for a few days.
  • underluna
    Very cost-effective hotel, hotel special attention service, go to hear the waiter greeting, you are great! thank lobby attendant Li Ning, patience and attention to help me answer all doubts, thanks!
  • bear0828
    Hotel is very good, is staying short, next time will choose to chat!
    Very good.
  • fireforest
    Nice hotel front door across the street is the beach environment is good and the recommended network booking price is very affordable services of the girl at the front desk of the Cen Mei worthy of praise
  • u50658
    This is the second time staying at Hotel Rhine, both experiences were very good, my family and I love. starts from the process at the front desk, very quickly, without waiting. hotel facilities, environment and location also very good.
  • Cosmo
    Surrounding area very well, entering the city is convenient, and under have to compliment the hotel's breakfast is very rich, smells good, is the peak time for breakfast too little baby Chair. price is still very high, next time as Sanya travel or booking of Rhine!
  • lilybunnyt
    Hotel was very warm and comfortable, rich breakfast, convenient, in front of the bus station, mile rose near supermarkets, shopping convenience, hotel South East Asia style, something exotic, cold warm hot water of the swimming pool, the rooms are clean, clean, private beach is also very clean health, overall very good, next time I will choose!
  • janenine
    To Sanya every year of choice for my dear and I liked the hotel very good
  • joebaobao
    Thailand style hotel, good service, clean environment! is very soft and comfortable beds! spent several nights in a row, last night front desk made to free upgrade to a one bedroom and one living room room feels very good! a special thanks here! next to Sanya will also choose to chat!
  • guoyuelin_0820
    Environment of the hotel is very good, swimming pool and the hotel's own beach is also good, but the service is a little problem, no one volunteered to clean the room, breakfast croissants to eat out of plastic tape, with the waiter said no one talk to me. a little depressing that is known as the standards of five-star hotels?
  • dcatcat
    That's good!
  • carol135
    Well recommended