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The Ocean Sonic Resort Sanya (Sanya Haiyun Dujiajiudian) stands before the silver-white sands of the hotel's private beach.his Sanya hotel is built to look like two passenger liners. Each room features Southeast Asian style interior décor,  a super large sea-view terrace and bamboo furnishing. Guests can breathe in the ocean breeze and soak in the bathtub on the balcony for the utmost in indulgence and relaxation[View Detail]

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  • Cosmo
    Surrounding area very well, entering the city is convenient, and under have to compliment the hotel's breakfast is very rich, smells good, is the peak time for breakfast too little baby Chair. price is still very high, next time as Sanya travel or booking of Rhine!
  • lilybunnyt
    Hotel was very warm and comfortable, rich breakfast, convenient, in front of the bus station, mile rose near supermarkets, shopping convenience, hotel South East Asia style, something exotic, cold warm hot water of the swimming pool, the rooms are clean, clean, private beach is also very clean health, overall very good, next time I will choose!
  • janenine
    To Sanya every year of choice for my dear and I liked the hotel very good
  • joebaobao
    Thailand style hotel, good service, clean environment! is very soft and comfortable beds! spent several nights in a row, last night front desk made to free upgrade to a one bedroom and one living room room feels very good! a special thanks here! next to Sanya will also choose to chat!
  • guoyuelin_0820
    Environment of the hotel is very good, swimming pool and the hotel's own beach is also good, but the service is a little problem, no one volunteered to clean the room, breakfast croissants to eat out of plastic tape, with the waiter said no one talk to me. a little depressing that is known as the standards of five-star hotels?
  • dcatcat
    That's good!
  • carol135
    Well recommended
    Hotel is opposite the beach, you can cross the street to the beach, very convenient, I have to say their service, the family comments-10,000 are given a high praise!
  • aeoluslee
    Hotel was beautiful
  • Eugene
    Support around the hotel is very good, staff really friendly, very enthusiastic! also free upgrade to sea view room! is also near the airport, will stay again.
  • linlytang
    Good environment, service en very good!
  • ariel_wong
    Hotel location, breakfast very good
  • nigelyn
    Southeast Asian style hotel feel good, waiter Yang Yang received very warmly, the breakfast is delicious.
  • xincnoec
    Good service hotel nice speed too slow the wind rush didn't take a long time to come back in the evening or bad? Overall is good room very clean restaurant not very good? Taste expensive
  • dalian wan
    As well, breakfast too much. supplement
  • Donaldcatao
    Hotel is very good, near the sea, hotel facilities
  • jamietutu
    Two bedroom House, there are two separate toilets, live very comfortable, still not upgraded, but complimentary late check out, location and service were very good, the third is close to the market, the breakfast is also very good, breakfast also very good to children considered
  • lele000
    Front desk is to say change the room uncomfortable right away without waiting so long as staff are special hotel close to the beach with the children on holiday is a good choice the next time you select here
  • Jessy_Jin
    Hotel service is good, the traffic is very convenient, where very good car, Nan Chen at the front desk service was warm, leave the presents!
  • Criminal
    Can't really good! well, by comparing the show ~ I have lived next door to the country and the Rhine, compare the Rhine to cry! get off on the staff help with your luggage, will be sent to your room; all smiles at the front desk, what can meet and do it! (Guo Guanghao will say next, could not have done it, irritating!) Hotel Nice and clean clean clean! no mosquitoes, bathtub is outside, Oh bath to see the scenery is simply tooPraise! need of supplies is ten minutes sent to, super fast ~ although hotel of area than next of country Everbright, but everywhere reflected of fine, details to decided overall; on even public health between are clean of like rooms as, each wash basin in are has small flowers ~~ children paradise also is thoughtful, child in are not willing to out has ~~ focus is children paradise is indoor of! (Next door to light children's Park is an outdoor, rain would not play, but the rain isWhen cannot out only will with children in Hotel play Ah! cut ~) to beach of underground channel also has elevator, wood road also brush of clean, children are directly light feet walk, not shoes has ~~ all service personnel see you will to you regards, check out also will has small gift ~~ this service reflected is next door country light by no of, so, dang we of aircraft out has points small problem, need temporary stranded day of when, I also is selected has sea rhyme! and front desk Super warm heart, heard weIs temporary stranded, also deliberately selected has between relative larger of room make up about we, I are to moved cry has ~ material and spirit as important, front desk words let I think we of stranded and no so bad, help more let people bearing in mind ~ so live in sea rhyme, just body Shang of enjoy, more is spirit and service of enjoy ~~ next year to Sanya, I certainly also live sea rhyme ~~
  • dan420forever
    Good, lived for 4 days, not really out of the hotel
  • nicole88520
    Very happy with stay, and continued for a few days, the hotel's service is really great, give me a check-in of Ms services are noted with enthusiasm, sounds very sweet, yellow escort there to check me, check out give me a small gift, the next time you will come to chat
  • E00111792
    Is located in Sanya Bay, environment good, opposite of sea can see, but cannot sea swimming, water too dirty, to beach has under channel, also has elevator compared convenient. breakfast varieties range, taste is good, hotel of Chinese Office meals taste also said of past. in sea rhyme live has three days, to urban drive compared convenient, himself rent of car, taxi taxi General near of not to, or added money, Sanya Northeast people open rental of compared more, added some money on to has, feel also can. but localPeople renting too insane, NIMA not heard near, more money won't go, that does not know the way, locals feel bad. overall, lovely hotel, Sheraton Yalong Bay three days after I feel better is recommended.
  • egton
  • jinyele
    Second stay at sea is like here, particularly comfortable, and every time I came here was wonderful, especially like the girl who helped me check out Li Qiuhong, service very good, patient care, children don't particularly like her rhymes selected here next to the sea.
  • aceren
    Only two days! should be for a few more days!
  • gafencu
    Very happy with stay, I check out the yellow poetry girl great service, very friendly and asked me how I live, makes me feel very warm, staying there helped me with my luggage Concierge Xiao Zhuang, very good, also introduced me to the nearby attractions, live very well
  • silentlyi
    Good, service very good, our midnight, staff help us upgrade the room, although do not, but full service very good. especially at night to our guy Lee.
  • luyanjia
    Some old equipment
  • Angoy
    Service is very good, a real Beach, a beautiful sunset, recommended!
  • jru521
    Sea rhyme hotel really of good, son in Hotel live of are not willing to go has, only regrets of is Sanya this days has been in rain are didn't approach with children to swimming pool play, hotel of parent-child activities many, worth a mention of is hotel of service, in live course rooms of one I forget full name has one staff surname breaks of employees in help we finishing things of when also wrote has a Zhang note left we, in has is front desk check out of Li Qiuhong has been reminded we Sanya this days more rain to withWell, do we live comfortable, is there any advice or something, really shed, next time you come, be sure to stay here for a few days.
  • cufewangwei
    Liked this hotel each time to chat live, the hotel give the feeling of comfortable, hotel front desk services are particularly good, everybody is sincere to serve our guests, Cen Mei at the front desk service was very good, very intimate, friends send gifts back to me. thank you.
  • baisong5425
    South East Asia hotel, love, Nan Chen and girls at the front desk service was attentive ~!
  • gaogaoma
    Lobby services as a whole feels very good very nice especially small leap was hope for me next time you can also see service personnel
  • abc Hui
    Very good hotel, if children's facilities can be more better.
  • fenglei0719
    Good breakfast, clean pool! big room, with a balcony with a view of health is also in place, waiter service best! great!
  • Betty886
    After nearly three years staying in the hotel again, feel it's popularity, the balcony of the room has a bathtub can make tours garden, cozy!
  • Reisende
    Live 3 times, visible on its favorite, parent-child activities now done right! Huang Shi at the front desk was especially affable! bye
  • florawu
    Beautiful environment, many children's play facilities, very suitable for family fun
  • bcy3953
    Thai decoration style, good environment, near the ocean, cost-effective. upgrade complete room, a bedroom and a living room very good. family live happy, children are also happy. Sanya, later to stay here.
  • misand
    Environment of the hotel is good, front desk very friendly place, especially the departure formalities of Wang Hui beauty very friendly full service with a smile, nice! thank you also to the children presents, there are opportunities to Hainan to select Chat
  • mic72
    What services are very good, fight larger than bed after bed, swimming pool water is too shallow
  • agnes_wang
    Easily accessible offshore beautiful free upgrade to a suite from the airport very close next to stay
  • carlbbr
    Check in and check out were very quick, good service attitude. Li Qiu red little girl at the front desk very helpful service in particular, many kinds of breakfast, stay four nights have not eaten breakfast variety. also good location, convenient to the downtown and airport ... next time will choose to stay in Sanya Bay Sea
  • nancyyang
    Hotel very good, next time also lived in this area.
  • wong_love
    A good environment, standing in front of the Hall to see the sea on the picturesque, in the foreground, are informed online booking superior sea view room upgrade to Deluxe sea view room, was a surprise, so this trip more than a good mood from the outset.
  • eadmin
    Very nice hotel, I have gone to the third daughter particularly likes the next truck that
  • fay011052
    Good location, very convenient, bad water and beaches
  • smile__09
    Nice hotel, the atmosphere and convenient location
  • Maruko small circle
    Hotel is great, close to the airport convenient, especially when services special checking out of the hotel front desk girl Li Qiuhong also sent some small gift, special thanks to will come next time.